3 Tips to Help Your Makeup Be “Winter-Proof” This Season

It is winter once again! Have you prepared your face to beat the winter cold? If you are still in search of the thing that you need to do to achieve the best look this cold season, we will help you with your problem. Here are some of the basic tips on how you can “winter-proof” you makeup.

Re-hydrate your Skin

First thing is first. You have to keep you skin hydrated all the time. Make it a habit to drink more liquids throughout this season. Winter also triggers the buildup of patches in the skin which might result to skin dullness and no matter how much makeup you apply, it still got no effect. The solution to this is to exfoliate at least once a week and do not forget to moisturize.


credits: blog.purple-essentials.com

Continue the Use of Sunscreen

It doesn’t mean that it is cold; you can’t get harmful UV rays from the sun. This harm is present all year round that is why it is still important to wear sunscreen outside. So no matter what the season is, always wear at least SPF 30 sunscreen.


credits: prevention.com

Perfect the Lips

This winter, avoid wearing too matte lipstick as they can dry and chapped the lips. Instead, you can opt to use lip balms with sunscreen to keep your lips hydrated most of the times.


credits: beautezine.com

Simple tips as they may be but these are of great help for you to keep your best face forward.


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