Joining The Rave Wave

Summer is almost over; but for some who still can’t get over the summer euphoria and looking for summer buys they need for a sun-kissed skin, it’s time to keep those skimpy bikini outfits and prepare yourself for another summer event. Rave wave is the time to use those sexy and wild outfits you’ve been keeping inside your closet. Forget the beaches and island hopping, because you’ll be experiencing a new taste of summer experience.

Chicago Corporate Parties

Photo Credits: PEMChicago, Chicago Corporate Parties

90’s babies will surely know what rave party is all about. From the dazzling strobe lights, heavy techno beats and thousands of party people with glow sticks, it’s definitely a fun and wid experience. Rave parties were introduced in the early days of Madonna era. So if you’re still wondering what kind of outfit to wear, the Grammy winner Madonna should be your style icon.

Rave outfits are still definitely in!

And here are some tips to pull that rave aura in you:

1. The first thing to know about rave wear is LAYERING. Find some sexy outfits and layer them on top of each other. Just be sure that you don’t look like a Christmas tree.

2. Fishnets are very popular and commonly used by women who attend rave parties. The more skin is bared, the sexier the look. Find some tops that could complement your fishnets.

3. Rave parties are colorful parties. So the best way to stand out and be in with the crowd is to wear light up outfits. Use glow lights and sticks to define a rave party and show the glow in you.

4. The more color, the better! From shoes to head bands, it’s very important that you know how to pick and pair the pieces available in your closet.

In the end, what’s important is that you are comfortable in any outfit you wear. It’s also important that you bring with you the necessary essentials to survive a rave party. A bottle of water to keep you hydrated, extra clothes since you’ll be sweating a lot, shades and cameras to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Enjoy yourself to the beat of music and learn new dance steps as you groove to the dance floor. No one cares if you’re not that good in dancing.

Every raver should know that drugs are always available in rave parties. People will approach you and hand you some of those. But just because it’s available, doesn’t mean you’re going to be taking them. Know your limitations especially if you’re a newbie attending those parties. Just choose what drug suits you and know the dangers of drugs. Don’t worry, there are also events which promote themselves as clean and drug free. In that way, you still can enjoy and of course, less worries on your part.

Since it is a party, we also can’t avoid the dangers of it. No matter what happens, make sure you have fun. Whether you’re alone or with friends, remember that the most important outfit is your smile and you enjoyed the party. Give yourself a break and enjoy!


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