Stop Creating a Faux Pas at the Night Club

Surprisingly, most men and women have experienced creating a faux pas at a rave party once in a while. Perhaps, they have not worn the right and appropriate rave clothing, got embarrassed as they trip over in their own heels or most probably walking home on barefoot. You wear your crazy rave wear and put on the best make up to what? Catch attention and somehow longed to become the “it” at the party. If you think you look attractive by doing those crazy and tactless actions. Going out doesn’t mean you have be that way. Instead, you have to behave accordingly. So, without any delays, here are the simple rave party etiquette you might have forgotten.

Rave Party Etiquette 101


Rave outfits is not just about the rave clothes you are wearing, it’s also about your hair. You may not notice how your hair would start to fall apart as you walk into a club. Yes, it is fun once you’re inside. You also have to consider on how humid, hot and most of all limited personal space that may cause your hair to go crazy as well. You would think that you still look awesome, but the moment you see yourself on pictures the next day will surely give you a shock.

Either you let it loose, or tie it in a bun is fine. All you need is to ensure that it is tamed all night. You can use a hair straightener or a curling iron. Just make sure they’re all in place. Hairspray will always be handy and guarantee you that you will not have that bed hair when you leave the party.


They are supposed to accentuate and enhance your facial features. Your makeup is not designed to modify your looks. Don’t abuse the purpose of a brow pencil by changing the shape of your eyebrows. Don’t even think about putting on makeup to make your lip pout even more. Rather, learn how to blend the colors and look ravishing at the party.Heavy Makeup


There are two words to describe your rave clothes; Sassy and Classy. It’s not classy when people would see your underwear. Nor it is not sassy when the dress’s material is too thin that people at the party would see your private parts. In short, leave something for people to imagine with. Although there isn’t any proper attire for a rave party, it all boils down to wearing the something unpredictably classy yet sassy. That’s the way to describe it.


Other than wearing the right outfit for the party, accessories would also matter. You might not want to wear something valuable and lose or break it on the dance floor. Your long earrings may look perfect with your outfit, keep them only at daytime. Remember, it’s dark at clubs.

In conclusion, it’s fun to go out and enjoy at night clubs. Not to mention, dancing with your friends on the dance floor. All it takes is to dress and act appropriately at the party. Now that you have the right tools to look awesome and extremely classy at the rave, there wouldn’t be any reason people would not be stunned.


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