Makeup Must-Haves For Women In Their 20’s

Being twenty means being able to pull off discount shoes with a designer top, and stocking up on graftobian foundation palette without regret. Yes – being young is all about experimenting and flaunting. Whether you’re in your early or late twenties, this is the best time to enhance what you already have.

Beauty Tips For Teens

Check out these top makeup and beauty picks – plus tips – to bring out your best self yet:

Skin Care

The best makeup starts with with the best canvas. Sadly one-third of beautiful twenty-something women still suffer from an occasional breakout. Yikes! Dermatologists suggest having a simple skin care routine that’s right for your skin type to prevent AND remedy pesky zits.

  • Blemish Treatment with Salicylic Acid – trust this colorless, organic acid to get the job done. Dermatologists and skin care experts trust Salicylic acid in the treatment and prevention of acne. It works by increasing moisture onto the skin’s upper layer; dissolving the substance that’s causing the skin cells to clump together. After that, it becomes easier to shed it off.

  • Retinol – this dual action form of Vitamin A is another option to treat annoying acne – plus, it helps prevent wrinkles too! Retinol has been used in many creams and other beauty products to delay the signs of aging; while bringing back the skin’s natural firmness. Of course, twenty-somethings don’t need to worry about these yet – but why risk early sun spots?

  • Sunscreen – a definite MUST for any age! Sunscreen and products with SPF ensure that our skin stays protected under the sun. But be warned: prolonged exposure will render your sunscreen useless. So take precaution still by wearing cool shades, a snazzy hat, and by using an SPF-rich foundation.


Again, your goal as a sexy twenty is to enhance – not cover up your beauty. So choose the best cosmetics that will complement your objective. Remember: it’s not how many or how much makeup you have; it’s about what type of product it is and how you use it.

  • Sheer Foundation – opaque colors can give you a sallow, pale look. Opt for sheer, luminizing foundation that come in creams, sticks, or liquids for better blending. Just one layer and it can leave your skin dewy, fresh, and glowing. BB or CC creams work best as they can hide uneven skin tone or blemishes.

  • Bright-Hued Lipstick – this Summer, pick fun pinks or bright orange shades. To maximize your makeup, exfoliate your pout using a soft, wet towel. Gently rub on your lips, pat dry, then dab on lip balm. Use a lip brush to add color, blot, and done! This should show off your plump, gorgeous lips naturally.

  • Liquid Liner – they’re stilettos for your eyes. Liquid liners are easier to apply and add a more dramatic color than a pencil. In fact, cat eyes made from liquid liners plus a bold, orange lip are a perfect combo! Wear it by day be keeping the rest of your face simple; then simply swipe shimmer eyeliner and a hint of blush for a night time affair.

You don’t need a lot in your makeup bag if you’re still in your daring twenties. What you need are the right tools and the right attitude.

What would YOU recommend for a twenty-something woman?


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