What To Wear With Discount Shoes

Conscious that your friends might giggle at your new tennis shoe boots which you bought on sale? Fear not! You can still look chic and pretty even with a discounted pair of shoes. Whether they’re a lovely pair of loafers or sexy cheap stilettos – you can amp your outfit without changing a thing!

In fact, you don’t even need to DIY them. Feel comfortable to wear them as they are. The trick is to throwing on a few key pieces that would complement your discount finds. Here’s the lowdown on what works well for your new shoes on a budget:

A Pop of Color

Marina Monroe Spring Fashion

A lot of women buy cheap shoes in basic colors such as gray, black, white, or beige. This is a smart strategy in itself because it won’t make it seem as if the shoe was on sale. However, pairing it with neutral colors will not only make you look bland; it might give away the vibe that those are not Laboutins. The secret then, is to give your outfit a pop of color! Don a bright pink top, or opt for cobalt blue leggings. Got a rainbow scarf? Tie it on a single loose knot around your neck for a sassy Spring appeal.

Do It With Denims

Your favorite jeans is your bestfriend, indeed! Let it save you – and your look. Denims are after all, highly versatile fashion staples. You can wear it with soft, dainty blouses; or go punk rock with vintage graphic tees. If you have cheap slip-ons or discount wedges, get your skinny jeans out the closet. The darker the shade, the better. It will blend well with almost any type of footwear. However, any color will also do. Washed-out or flared jeans are okay too. For a cozy Spring look, couple it with a cute blazer or cardigan.

Max it Out

Maxi Skirt And Tennis Shoes
As Summer’s just a few weeks away, make maxi dresses a priority. This beach essential is a hot must-have for a feminine yet sexy look. Wear it to a pool party or when running errands around the neighborhood. What’s great is that maxi dresses will look awesome with cheap sandals or flip-flops. Let your sexy feet play peek-a-boo with every step you take. Just make sure those beads or flowerettes are glued in place. Don’t pair maxi dresses with wedges either!

Leave ‘Em Hanging

Perfect Outfit For Spring

Don’t want to invest in maxi dresses or a bright purple top? No problem! The right accessories can give your outfit a boost anytime. Bags especially, can breathe new life into a plain look and flatter discount shoes. This year, go for big totes in fun hues. Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue are a hit for 2014. Plus, they’ re practical for the office or date nights. In fact, they can even be a focal point in your overall attire.

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. You definitely have it all figured out by choosing sexy yet affordable footwear. While it’s great to buy cheap shoes for everyday wear; remember to sometimes indulge in a nice pair or two as well.

Don’t forget: every woman deserves a Laboutin at least once!


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