Buying Shoes On a Budget

Women in general don’t just love their graftobian makeup – they LOVE shoes too! This footwear love affair isn’t just because heels are undoubtedly gorgeous. The right pair can amp an outfit, brighten a day, and add sophistication. Choosing good shoes is actually a celebrated beauty tip to instantly glam up a look.

Missvixen Shoe Shop

A lot of ladies invest in different types of shoes for every occasion. This allows them to mix and match for each need. It also prolongs a shoe’s lifespan. While shoe-shopping is both practical and therapeutic, it’s not so friendly on your wallet. So how can the typical footwear addict cope?

One learns to shop for shoes on a budget. Here’s how:

The Coupon Craze

With billions of dollars going into the footwear industry each year, it’s no surprise that business is still booming despite recent economic crisis. People in general need shoes. Women typically own between 20 – 50 pairs. One study even found that about one-eighth of American females have more than 50 pairs. These include but are not limited to heels, sandals, wedges, sneakers, trainers, platforms, flip-flops, flats, and boots.

Shoe Coupon

Though buying new shoes is still a necessity, many are scrimping due to personal financial problems. It’s also becoming less practical to splurge each year on a new pair. Some women have sadly been reduced to making discount purchases. While these items may seem okay, unless their sources had been reputable, quality is often compromised.

The answer to the shoe-shopping dilemma? Coupons. From groceries to clothes, why not have coupons for footwear? Numerous online businesses nowadays provide them for new and loyal customers. Coupons contain codes that entitle a user to certain benefits; such as a percentage discount, or a limited offer. Before joining this shoe coupon craze, here are a couple of reminders:


You have two options: 1) you can gather coupons individually by browsing through your favorite online shoe shops; OR 2) create an account with a coupon-gathering website. The latter would save you more time and energy. Coupon-gathering websites work by collecting the most valuable coupons and/or deals from various websites; then neatly arranging them by category.


Once you’ve decided on the best approach to obtain coupons, begin collecting! If you made an account with a coupon-gathering website, just type in the name of the brands or shops you’re interested in. The site will automatically show you its latest offerings. Look for ones that cut down prices or provide free shipping.


Some sites allow you to ‘stack’ or use multiple coupons on a single transaction. Take advantage of this for even more savings!


Don’t forget to double-check rules and conditions. Make sure your coupon code is still valid too. If buying from multiple brands or online stores, read their terms on returns and shipping. As much as possible, select those that have a physical store near your area. That way, you can easily exchange or give back an item you didn’t like.


If you have a budget, make sure you stick with it. It can be tempting to load up on shoes – especially if they’re 50% off! But curb the urge and focus on your goal: which is just to buy what you need.

Shoe Happy

Keep your feet – and wallet – happy by devising a shopping strategy. For example: most stores clear out their inventory two weeks before the start of a new season. This means very low prices and rare collections. Save the date and check out your favorite stores during these times.

Satisfying your shoe addiction doesn’t have to break the bank. All you need is a bit of patience, a keen eye, and a lot of creativity!


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