Hollywood Beauty Tips For You

Have you ever wondered if stars use cinema secrets foundation to get that flawless vintage look? The truth is that you don’t have to be a makeup geek in order learn Hollywood’s makeup tricks. Some of the best professional makeup artists in the industry are more than willing to help average women everyday get that coveted dewy glow.

Hollywood Glamor Makeup

How? Continue reading below to find out.

Knowledge is Key

You might be thinking that celebrities use a ton of makeup products to look the way they do at the red carpet. But they don’t.

“It’s all about the products – it’s knowing what to use and how to use it – that’s what makes Hollywood glamor,” – Adrien Arpel, Hollywood makeup artist

Create a Canvas

One of the first things every woman should do before applying their actual makeup is to use a primer. Primers fill in deep lines and huge pores, while evening out the skin tone. There are three main types of primers based on different skin needs:

  • green-toned primers even out red splotches caused by acne or other skin conditions
  • purple or orange-toned primers combat sallowness
  • pink-toned primers brighten complexions

They basically prep your skin by smoothing it out and creating the perfect canvas for your makeup. So don’t ditch this step!

Foundation Practices

Applying foundation can still be tricky, even for a makeup pro. That’s because different women have different skin types; all requiring various techniques to achieve a flawless finish. Not to worry – here are a few suggestions based on your dilemma:

  • If you have normal, clear skin, get that dewy glow you see on the red carpet with ‘skin illuminators’. These creams are NOT to be confused with ‘sparkle’ or ‘glitter’. Skin illuminators have crushed pearls that will make your face shimmer and catch light.
  • For a more sophisticated look, try mousse or cream foundations. These are rich, foamy, and stay moist throughout the day; giving you that soft, dewy glow.
  • DON’T pile on foundation to camouflage a zit. Do this technique instead: after putting on alight layer of foundation, dust a bit of powder over your pimples, then top it off with concealer. The powder acts as a glue to help bind the products together.
  • Use a bronzer for pale skin. However, do this wrong and it can make you look streaked and splotchy. A neat trick to make application easier is to sprinkle a bit of loose powder into it. Then lightly apply bronzer on areas that catch light such as: your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and the bridge of your nose.
  • Don’t forget to apply foundation on your neck too! One of the common mistakes women do is forget their decolletage.

Pout Perfect

A soft, plump lip is what everyone’s looking for these days. And no – you don’t need to go under the knife to get that kissable pout. If you’re not keen on spending a few extra bucks for a plumping serum, try these cool makeup tricks:

  • Use ordinary cinnamon oil to plump your pout. This substance is known to bring blood to your lips, which makes it look fuller and redder. Be careful with allergic reactions though: dab a bit on the inside of your wrist to check for excessive swelling or redness before using.
  • Remember this simple rule: thin lips should stay away from dark colored shades like burgundy or plum. These colors tend to make thin lips appear thinner. Fuller lips are the opposite: use dark shades to amp up the glamor.
  • Want to enhance your perfect pout? Apply a hint of white shimmer powder on your Cupid’s Bow (that groove above your lip).

Now just flash your million-dollar smile and you’re ready to go. With these simple beauty tricks, any woman can feel like star – even when she’s just running an errand!


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