3 Tips For An Easy Vintage Makeup Look

Grab your graftobian foundation palette, because looking like a pinup bombshell has never been easier! It’s true that there are several vintage looks; depending on which era you wish to embody. However, there are only three things you want to focus on for that effortless glam appeal: the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Graftobian Foundation

The great thing about vintage makeup is that it can be worn from day to night without much fuss. It’s versatile to give you a casual, feminine vibe in the morning; and a sophisticated charm for late night dinner. Once you master these three easy tricks, you can incorporate more complex steps into your makeup routine.

Are you ready to look your classic best?

Start With The Skin

If you’ve noticed, vintage ladies look flawless with just a hint of blush. Taking care of your precious makeup canvas is key to achieving that spotless visage. Make sure you prep up your makeup tools (like brushes) as well as your cosmetics collection. If you don’t have products in bold eye-catching colors, then it’s time to go shopping! One of the key characteristics of old-world charm is that pop of color that gets people’s pulses racing.

1. Make Those Eyes Wide

Distinct to the 20’s and 30’s era are smoky, titillating eyes. Make sure you apply an eyeshadow primer first to help keep the product last longer. Choose shades that have dark, rich pigments such as: peacock blue, earth brown, or a dandy plum. Apply liberally on the entire lid and highlight with a dab of shimmer shadow in silver or gold.

Curl your lashes and apply 1-2 coats of black mascara. This would really create am impact and make your eyes seem bigger. Don’t ignore your eyebrows as well, because they are a crowning glory back in those days. Tweeze them into an arch OR; use a highlighter or concealer to create the illusion of arched eyebrows.

2. Flush Your Ivory Cheeks

Just a hint of pink or rouge would give your face the ‘oomph’ it needs. Sweep the shade of your pick upwards to contour your cheekbones. It should end just towards your ear. For a more youthful glow, opt for raspberry or sweet pink shades and brush lightly on the apples of your cheeks. This look works well for a 50’s makeup style.

3. Go For Bold Lips

The final step into looking like a sexy blast from the past is matte lipstick. Rich colors like cherry red, dusty rose, or peach are great options. Exfoliate your pout gently with an old wet toothbrush OR a recycled mascara wand (cleaned, of course). Then use a lipstick brush to apply some color on your lips. For a more rounder touch, use lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick.

Easy, wasn’t it? Finish your look with bouncy curls, a pinned bob, or polished waves. The modern rule when going vintage is NOT to overdo it. Pair your sweet pinup makeup with contemporary threads. You want your look to stand out – so keep all else toned down.


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